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    Are You Making
    The Healthiest
    Lifestyle Choices?


    If you are not sure, then now is the time to learn to:

    • Chef Hat

      Make Healthy Food Choices
      Without Compromise For Taste

    • Natural

      Lose Weight & Have More Energy
      Using Natural Methods Only

    • Light Bulb

      Prevent Chronic & Deadly Diseases
      With Clever Life Hacks


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    Caffeine Addiction: Myth or Reality?

    At a Glance More than half of the US adult population consumes at least 300 mg of caffeine every day, making it the number one drug of choice in America. Yet whether coffee is addictive is a major point of contention for many medical experts. A recent survey revealed that only 58 percent of addiction professionals believe that a person can develop a dependence on caffeine. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, in fact I would say I can’t face the day without that caffeine fix. When running late, I’ve even been known to put my …


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